Growth Charts

Lucian’s growth chart is something that is already so special to our family! We measure him on his birthday and at Christmas every year. Christmas, because December is his half birthday and it is easy to remember. The growth chart is fun wall decor, but unlike a door jam, it can easily go with you if you move or just switch around your rooms in your home!I cannot wait for Lucian to get a little bit older and want to be measured and get excited about his growth!

Lucian’s chart was a gift to us from my Mom and Dad. When I decided to make some to sell, I knew I couldn’t paint a straight line, so I laser cut all of the numbers and lines. I love how they turned out!

If you buy your child or someone else’s child a growth chart ( from anywhere!) I encourage you to write a special note on the back. My parents did this for Lu and it is special to me and I know he will cherish it as he grows up!

Due to the size, these will only be available for local pick up. You can find them on our Etsy shop, here! I also sell the numbers and lines so you can DIY it!

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