We did not even plan for our costumes to both be based on our boys’ favorite books. But that’s what happened! And before they can protest doing family costumes, we did that too!

Lucian LOVES The Paper Bag Princess and if you haven’t read it, you should! His Dad reads it best and does all of the really great dragon sounds. Lucian cackles at some parts. He loves most books, but this is a clear favorite! I am usually way more into homemade costumes, I LOVE crafting them up! But, a dragon wasn’t going to be easy and when I saw this one at TJ Maxx it was a pretty perfect fit for our theme. Mine and Lance’s costumes are 100 percent Amazon and Walmart. 🙂 And my “paper bag” even has pockets!!

Brooks LOVES books in general! He gets so excited about the Llama Llama books and Llama Llama Red Pajama is definitely one of his favorites! He LOVES the “stomps and pouts” part, he stomps before we even get to that page now! So we decided to do Llama Llama family costumes! We got the majority of our costumes from Amazon: Brooks’ red pajamas, the stuffed Llama Llama with red pajamas, both mine and BJ’s tops (Mama Llama and Daddy Llama), BJ’s pajama pants, and our Llama hats! My PJ pants and bedroom shoes came from a local store in Davidson, NC.

What better costumes than PJs? It will definitely be the most comfortable Halloween for us!

Fall Activities

We are getting the boys together for Halloween. So, we planned a few activities for them to do and wanted to share them here. A lot of them were inspired by local pumpkin patches.

At the pumpkin patch, this is planned to be a ring toss activity, but turned into a really great opportunity for hand eye coordination. So, a put the ring on the bottle activity was born. You just need shower curtain rings and bottles, and the kids are entertained or a WHILE!

We love homemade playdough! Lucian just started playing with it. So, naturally, we will be making Pumpkin Spice playdough to share with our friends! Here is the recipe we will follow.

Fingerpainting pumpkins is a MESSY but fun way to decorate pumpkins with toddlers. We will definitely share the results with you. They are sure to be beautiful!

We also have a hammering activity. We will put the golf tees in the pumpkin and let the boys try hammering them farther in. Lucian has shown a lot of interest in hammers while watching us in the shop, so this is a pretty safe way to encourage that!

Lastly, we have the corn bin with tractors and cups for scooping and pouring. This is another big hit adapted straight from the local Pumpkin Patch! We use under-the-bed storage boxes for ready-to-play sensory bins that we can pull out any time. So, this corn will be added to the collection after Halloween!

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