Hey Mama, put on your bathing suit!

Hey Mama, put on your bathing suit! Your kiddo wants to spend time playing in the sun and the water with you! And I PROMISE they are not thinking: “Wow, she should have worked out a little more.” They are not noticing your cellulite, saggy skin or extra weight you’re holding onto. And, that certainly isn’t what they’ll be remembering for years to come. So, get the swimsuit you feel most comfortable in and get out there and make some memories. I read a meme this week that said this summer is 1 of 18 you will get with your child at home, so have some perspective. That totally applies to this topic. And with the way last year was, we are making up for lost time, so… live it up this summer!

Jennie and I wanted to share our favorite suits with you. Some are from this year and some are from years past.

Nani Swimwear: Nani is a women owned, all women run business. Their website says they were looking to create something between the grandma suit and the string bikini, inspiring women to get outside. When you look at the site, you’ll see all kinds of women who have not been retouched and are not professional models! Nani is the Hawaiian word for beautiful and the site says they create swimwear to empower women to live a Nani life by seeking adventure, being kind and giving back! A mission we can definitely get behind! And the suits are SO CUTE and high quality. This is seriously the best suit I have ever owned!

Coral Reef Swim:

I got 3 bottoms and 2 tops last year from Coral Reef Swimwear and I LOVE them!!! I got them after Brooks started swim lessons and realizing I needed something with better coverage and that stayed put! These pieces gave me just what I was looking for and they are not only super comfortable and cute, they make me feel more confident about putting a swimsuit on!

Black Traveler Top: this is one of my FAVORITE pieces I have! It’s CUTE and I’m able to pair it with lots of different bottoms! I LOVE being able to mix and match my swimwear! They have this top in lots of different colors!

Beach Babe Top: I LOVE color blocks so this top was a must get! I’m able to pair this with all three of the bottoms I got to switch it up!

Barefoot Bottoms: I ordered these bottoms in two different colors- mint and teal! Again I love mixing and matching!

Offshore Bottoms: This pair I got in black and they are high waisted but sit a little lower than the barefoot bottoms!

Amazon: Of course, there is a huge selection of swimwear on Amazon. Here are a few we are loving:

Black High Waisted Bikini: I actually only love the top from this set. I get a pair of Old Navy black bottoms every few years and pair it with a lot of my tops!

Black Mesh Monokini: I ordered this suit for the beach trip we have coming up and I love it! It makes me feel good but is still pretty covering and keeps everything in place!

I ordered 2 one piece Cupshe swimsuits on Amazon after seeing Miranda in Charlotte (@mirandainclt) share her raving swimsuit reviews (she does this yearly) this year! I LOVE them!!! They are super CUTE, with good coverage, and keep things in place!

Ruffle V Neck Monokini: This teal floral is my FAVORITE of the one pieces! It is super feminine! I LOVE the floral and it isn’t too much which I was kind of worried it might be! And you may notice a pattern but I really LOVE teal! This is available in a lot of different colors and patterns!

Color Block Monokini: This one is GREAT for active swim or water activities! It has great coverage and stays put well! This one is also available in different colors and styles!

I was so happy with the one pieces I got that just a couple of weeks ago I ordered two of their two pieces and LOVE them too!!!

Ruffled Striped High Waisted Bikini: LOVE the colors and stripes on this one! This one is one of the newest ones I have gotten! The top on this one is FANTASTIC and gives great coverage and stays put!

Floral & Stripe Bikini: I really wanted a floral and strip combo! I found this and fell in love with the color! It is different than anything I have and so pretty!

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