Hints for Mother’s Day

We put together this list of fun gifts that we think moms would love to receive this year for Mother’s Day, or any time really!

  • Little Mama Shirt Shop: We have lots of tees and tanks from here that we LOVE!
  • Oak & Luna Personalized Necklaces
  • Designs by KaraMarie Stackable Name Rings
  • Bouquet/Flower Subscription from Local Flower Farm
  • Happy Dance : The bath bombs are my favorite!!!
  • Printed Pictures or Picture Book
  • Hire Someone to Clean the House. Or you do it!
  • Car Detailed, inside too move the car seats out
  • Sunflower Motherhood great gift sets for all mamas, pregnant mamas, & newly postpartum mamas
  • Put together a care basket with some of her favorite things: bath/shower items, favorite snack(s), favorite candy/chocolate, gift card for a manicure, pedicure, or massage
  • Gift Card to be spent only on her, maybe even to a store that doesn’t sell kids stuff!

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