Jennie’s Recent Favorite Finds

I have found some really fun, useful things lately that I wanted to share! There is no theme here, they range from bath items for the boys to podcasts, just things that I have been enjoying and have been bringing joy!

  • Trader Joe’s 5 Items or Less Cookbook I purchased this cookbook after finding the instagram account and trying so many GREAT recipes that I wanted to support Anna Lisa further and get the exclusive recipes that are in the cookbook! We LOVE Trader Joe’s and a simple meal so this was a win-win for us!
  • Honey Sticks Bath Color Drops I found this brand thanks to Chloe and the crayons they got Sawyer for his birthday! Sawyer’s skin is sensitive and Brooks LOVES fun colors in the bath so this has been a GREAT way for the boys to still be able to take baths together, Brooks to have fun colors, and for it not to break Sawyer out! Also BONUS these are some of the most vibrant bath drops we have ever had!!!
  • the Uplifters Podcast I LOVE listening to encouraging things especially while being active and/or driving! This podcast is from a lady I use to work with and is fairly new but it is AMAZING! She interviews and shares womens’ stories who have encouraged, influenced, and uplifted her and those that have impacted and uplifted those she interviews lives! It is an AMAZING listen and is so encouraging!
  • Create Anyway This book by Ashlee Gadd is about the joy of pursuing creativity in the margins of motherhood! I LOVE being creative and how it makes me feel but lose sight of that sometimes being caught up in the everyday life of being a mom, wife, etc. so this serves as a GREAT reminder to not let those become excuses but continuing on to CREATE ANYWAY! I am a better mom, wife, etc. when I am flexing my creative muscle! The Coffee + Crumbs podcast hosted also by Ashlee Gadd along with Katie Blackburn and Jill Atogwe is AMAZING and very uplifting especially for moms.
  • Rebbl Drinks We are doing 75Hard and these have been an AMAZING find! I like to have a quick protein go to in the mornings especially the mornings when I have my early morning Fit4Mom BodyWell workouts because I am not much of one to eat at 4:30 in the morning but know I need to have something prior to working out so these have been GREAT! They also taste AMAZING and if you know me you know I LOVE cold brew and they have a cold brew protein one that is GREAT! The turmeric golden milk, reishi chocolate, dark chocolate protein, chocolate hazelnut protein, and cold brew coffee protein are my favorites!

Let me know if you try any of these and love them just as much! Have favorites of your own you have stumbled upon recently? Share those with us too! We cannot wait to here from you! Comment below or head over to Instagram or Facebook and leave us a comment there!

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