July 4th Activities & Crafts

Chloe and I did some fun crafts with Lucian, Owen (one of our best buds), & Brooks for 4th of July. These were so much fun and the boys really enjoyed them too!

Chloe and I enjoy doing activities and crafts with the boys. We tried a variety of different July 4th crafts with them from painting with marbles, recycled toilet paper rolls, dish brushes, a handprint craft, and star/ribbon sticks.

We did a snack as well: red, white, & blue kabobs. Brooks loves snacks so it was fun to make this themed one!

Marble Painting: This is a fun activity for any time of year. You can change the colors based on a holiday, the colors you are currently working to learn or just the colors you have on hand! These trays are from Dollar Tree, but you can even use an old cardboard box! You can also use a golf ball if you don’t have marbles on hand! This is always a big hit.

Kitchen Brush Fireworks: Another easy idea is painting with kitchen tools. This scrub brush made great fireworks. And Lucian loved bang, bang banging it on the paper!

Handprint Flags: Baby and toddler handprints are just so cute! I have done these on tee shirts and onesies in the past with toddlers and they are great for that too!!

Painting with Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls: We love being able to recycle and use everyday items when we can! This one is super easy you can use toilet paper or paper towel rolls for this one. Cut them partially up the roll and fold the pieces back to make your “fireworks”, put paint on a plate and dip the “fireworks” in the paint. Brooks loves dipping and banging it on the paper.

Star/Ribbon Sticks: I found this idea and wanted to try a version of it! This is made using popsicle sticks, star stickers, and ribbons. Brooks enjoyed helping press the stickers together once we put the ribbons between the two star stickers. Then he LOVED waving them around and watching the ribbons bounce and spin!

Red, White, & Blue Kabobs: Brooks LOVES snacks and fruit, so when I saw this idea on Pinterest I had to try it! I used blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, mini marshmallows, and brownies (if you haven’t had kodiak brownies I HIGHLY recommend trying them, they are DELICIOUS!). Brooks was a BIG fan of this and decided eating it right off the skewer was the best way to do it! 🤣

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