Kid-Approved Cutting Boards

As I have been researching fun things I can make for kids using wood, I stumbled upon the idea of kitchen tools for kids! I love this idea, because I know Lucian will enjoy it. He already likes to “help” me cook by playing with pots and utensils. He is great at stirring! So, I thought I would try my hand at kid-sized cutting boards and kid-safe knives!

I needed to learn some new tools. So, out to the shop I went! I used the bandsaw to cut the rough shapes out. Then I used the oscillating edge sander to even it out. For the cutting board, I used the drill press to make a hole at the top. The knife was a little harder. I used the table saw to make the sharp point and the drill press and scroll saw to create the handle hole.

This is me working on a larger cutting board.

I had a lot of fun learning the new tools and cannot wait to use them more in the future! But, I was also excited to return inside to my familiar tools and engrave the board!

I LOVE how these turned out! I cannot wait for Lucian to be a little bigger and start helping more in the kitchen. I LOVED cooking as a kid! and I know he will enjoy chopping his own fruits and veggies. I hope these tiny cutting boards and knives will enable tiny chefs to start their cooking journey and bond with families in the kitchen! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

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