Kid-Approved Signs

We started setting up a playroom for Lucian last week. He is loving having his own space with all of his toys! I am sure we will share more on that when it is finished. But I wanted to add some things to the walls. You know I love a good space theme, so I wanted to include some rockets.

My engraver is not big enough to cut a circle the size I was looking for so, I added a precut, wooden circle to our Home Depot order. I used the laser to cut out the letters and words. I used regular latex and spray paint for the sign. We use this milk paint when painting something kids may get their mouths on because it’s safe, but this is just going on the wall!

Making sure the letters are straight.

Here are a few other signs I have made:

Custom signs might be my favorite thing to create! I love making new designs and then getting to see them come to reality! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

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