Kid Friendly Finds that allow for Healthier Habits or Quality Time Together

Some recent finds we have made that allow us to spend quality time together doing things that matter! Some of the things we enjoy doing together are talking about our day, reading, cooking/baking, being active or exploring, and taking care of ourselves! Some things we have found that cater to this are:

  • Happy Me Journals: they make these for kids and adults! Brooks and I both have one. We really enjoy doing this with Brooks at bedtime and it is a fun way for him to think about his day and reflect but it’s also great for us to talk about feelings.
  • Raddish Kids: this is a monthly cooking club and each month we receive a timely box with at least 3 recipes, a tool, and a patch for his apron. We enjoy this time together and we have found some other recipes online from their website to cook as well! We have had a lot of fun with this!
  • Ranger Rick Dinosaurs: Brooks LOVES his Ranger Rick magazines and the dinosaur ones are his favorite! We enjoy reading these together!
  • Hiya Kids Multivitamins: we all take our vitamins and Brooks was excited to have some of his own! He isn’t a fan of vegetables so this gives us a little more piece of mind that he is getting the nutrients his body needs. We decided on hiya because there is no added sugar. He ask everyday if he has taken his vitamins yet!
  • Burst Kids Toothbrush: Chloe told us about Burst and we love these! It was great to find a GREAT kids vibrating toothbrush that last!
  • Kids Orgain Protein Shake: We use this same brand for us if we need a quick breakfast on the go and Brooks was requesting to have ours so we found the kids!
  • Races for Kids: After our last 5K Brooks has shown interest in running with us so we found a race for December that has a tot trot option for him! He is so excited and cannot wait to RUN his very own race like mom and dad!

We LOVE that we have found these things and cannot wait until Sawyer is a little older too so we can start implementing some of this with him too!

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