Kids Do and Say the Darndest Things: Brooks and Sawyer Edition

We wanted to share something light hearted and funny today! So this is our version of Kids Do the Darndest Things! Because don’t they though? And it happens so often we forget a lot of what they do and say that makes us laugh! We hope us sharing sparks a memory for you about your own silly things that happen and brings a smile to your face!

Brooks Does and Says the Darndest Things:

  • I told Brooks the other day I was going to get in the shower. He said “Okay, but Dad already took a shower earlier today!” 😆
  • I am Feeding Sawyer and Brooks says “oooohhhhh mama, I want some milk but not from your boobs the kind from a straw” 😂
  • I got one of BJ’s Liquid deaths (water) and Brooks said “hey, why are you drinking that? Those are dads!”
  • Brooks got geodes for Christmas and after he finished breaking them he decided to collect rocks from our yard and break those too. After the 5th one with no crystals he said “mom we need more of these kind of rocks with crystals”
  • Brooks before workout class one day asked for Chicken and Fries, I told him after class we could get some! Of course he didn’t forget, so after class we went to Dairio… at 10:30 AM
  • I was watching the Bluey interview on Jimmy Fallon and Brooks sees Jimmy Fallon and says that’s my dad talking 😂 #dadgoals
  • Brooks thinks tooting is hilarious (and me too if I am honest 😂 ) and every time he toots he says no matter where we are… “I Tooted!”
  • At the Library, someone brought Goo Jit Zu toys and Brooks started playing with one the mom said oh you like Goo Jit Zo Too? He side eyed her and said “ummm, no that is Y7 I do not watch that!” We all started laughing! 
  • We went to McDonalds the first time Brooks ever had it, he wanted a Cheesburger. I got him a Cheeseburger Kids Meal not realizing they put pickles and onions on the kids cheeseburger, he likes his plain… He took a bite and said “ewww mom what are these things on my burger” (still hasn’t hit me what it is)? He said they are little and crunchy and pickles. I do NOT like this on my burger. I now realize he is talking about onions and pickles. I say oh buddy those are onions and pickles. So now EVERYTIME he wants a cheeseburger he reminds me no pickles, no onions mom just plain! 🤣

Sawyer Does and Says the Darndest Things:

  • Sawyer LOVES to eat and I always joke that he will eat anything that isn’t nailed down! I was getting ready for us to leave and put him down so I could go crank the car came back in to him munching something and I was like oh boy what did he find? Pick him up to investigate to find he is eating a STINK BUG, yep a stink bug 🤮! And he was SO MAD when I fished it out of his mouth!
  • His faces are quite funny! One of the first times Brooks whispered to Sawyer “I love you” and this was Sawyer’s face in response to that!

What is the silliest, funniest, or most embarrassing moment you have had with your kid(s)? Share it with us!

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