Lap Desk

I have been thinking about getting Brooks a lap desk for a bit now and had the realization that I could definitely make one for him and it would be easy! I envisioned this getting used for coloring and with his tablet some.

Once it was made I quickly started seeing other possibilities too! We eat at the couch a lot so this could be a tray for his plate/bowl/cup! He wants so badly to be able to hold his food in his lap but it usually ends up either spilling or almost spilling before he decides that isn’t the best idea! Now with this if he wants to he could.

I could also see this being used as a serving tray for birthdays and special occasions! This design is super simple! I literally engraved his name, added the handles, painted his name, and oiled it! Nothing fancy but I can definitely see this getting a lot of use!

I am excited to see all the ways it will be used! You can find this lap desk on our Etsy shop and it is completely customizable!

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