Letter Blocks

We had a special order last month for name blocks. The blocks we made for this order were to be signed as a guest book at a shower! We love that idea!

I have letter blocks that spell LUCIAN on a shelf in his room. I looked for letters at lots of antique stores before finding all of the letters I needed for his name. I would have saved a lot of time if I had had my engraver back then. 😉 Lu loves blocks so when he saw these, he loved them. He also, is pretty good about spelling his name, so I think I will use some letter blocks to start adding some letter recognition in while we play and spell his name.

These can be bought to spell any word or name! I think when Lucian is old enough to draw pictures, we might do a custom set with a picture for each letter. This would also be a fun thing to do with an older sibling for a younger sibling! These blocks could be customized in lots of ways or kept super minimalistic, which is fun too! Send us a PM if you are interested in a more customized option. Otherwise, you can order the set here!

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