Letters for Names, Words, Etc

The Alphabet Fun listing on Etsy has been a hit and we’ve sold a lot of letters! We started thinking having the option to personalize this more and giving the option to purchase specific letters for a name would be fun!

So I started by making Brooks, Lucian, and their buddy Owen a set! These are a little bigger than the letters that come with the letter fun listing! These would be great for letter and name recognition and could also be used for decorating a nursery too! You could also do words like PLAY, READ, BATH, or JUMP too since this listing is done by letter.

These were designed using Easel Pro and cut using the X-Carve. Then they were finished with all natural hemp oil which is non-toxic and food safe! These can also be painted or stained if you were looking for a specific color!

You can find these on our Etsy shop, here.

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