Little Bug’s Baby Shower

Every baby/pregnancy deserves to be celebrated, BJ’s mom threw us a baby shower for Little Bug. We went with the theme of insects/bugs because we have been calling him Little Bug throughout the entire pregnancy. We found that an insect theme during winter makes it a little difficult to find decorations so you have to get creative! Also Bug themed baby showers weren’t as popular either. April made the best of it and it was PERFECT!

She got these invitations from Etsy, found the insects at Cabela’s, the ribbon and stickers used to make the mom to be, grandparent, and aunt pins came from Hobby Lobby. A lot of ideas for the decorations and food we found on Pinterest.

There was everything from creepy crawly dirt cups, cupcakes with insect cupcake toppers, caterpillars made with strawberries and grapes, graham cracker bug bites, and you could find insects everywhere you turned! They were in the lanterns on the food table, on the water and tea jugs, on the gift table, and on the guest signing table. This was PERFECT and such a FUN shower!

We were loved so well, it was GREAT seeing family and friends, and being able to celebrate this pregnancy and Little Bug! THANK YOU so much April for putting all of this together for us and to everyone that came to the shower! We appreciate each and everyone of you so much!

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