Little MyPhone

Lucian loves to pretend to be on the phone. He also loves to Facetime his grandparents! He asks for this often. His imagination seems to be growing really quickly these days. All of his toys are getting names and carrying on conversations with each other. He has certainly inherited my love for talking. Someone go ahead and warn his future kindergarten teacher! 😉

All of that inspired me to create a little phone for him.

I kept his phone simple, but this could be customized with paint, different buttons, a name on the back and more. And, it doesn’t have to say Dad, it can be calling anyone! I figure this toy will last awhile around here. I imagine as he gets older, it might end up somewhere near his dress up or his pretend play kitchen. Also, when it is time to teach him our phone numbers, he can use this one to practice! He will also be able to use to practice/ learn about calling 911!

If your favorite little one needs a wooden phone toy for learning or pretend play, you can find one in our Etsy store!

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