Look What I Made Signs

These Look What I Made signs have been on my radar for a long time! I knew I wanted to make these to hang Brooks’ art work on around the house!

I tried some different woods with these as well as what we usually use Birch. The purple wood is called Purpleheart, it is not painted, that is the wood’s color. The orange wood is Paduak, it also isn’t painted, that is the wood’s natural color. These are so fun and add some great color and options. These exotic woods came from West Penn Hardwoods.

With this project I made different sizes, to be able to hang different size items (construction paper, legal size and letter size paper). The different sizes you see here are 11 x 16, 5 x 24, 9.5 x 13.75, and 14 x 12.5. The words are painted with Milk Paint and the project is finished with Hemp Oil. Milk Paint and Hemp Oil are both non toxic.

You can find these on out Etsy shop, here.

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