Lu can swim! And why you should jump in too!

When we were trying to decide whether we wanted to put Lucian in preschool or keep him home, I read a blog ( a lot of blogs) that said, if you are going to keep your kid home for another year and not be bound by the school system or its schedule, exploit it. Make sure you take full advantage of the time. The blog encouraged seeing family and friends during the week as much as possible and saying yes a lot more. We plan to really dive into this after the summer when Lucian turns 4. But, we got a taste of it this month and it got us every excited for the year to come.

Because Lucian still hadn’t taken good swim lessons and hadn’t learned to swim, we decided just a couple of months ago to head to Florida for two weeks. A lot of my family is in Florida and one family member just so happens to teach private swim lessons. So, we decided to just go! Lance is so fortunate to work from home, so he was able to work from FL while we were there. We seriously had the best time. How often do cousins, from states away, get two solid weeks together? Lucian was loved on so well and so hard by our family. He got to prank them, play instruments with them, read books, play hide and seek, go to the beach, see the zoo at night, and so much more. And, of course, he learned to swim from someone we know and trust. There will be more to come on this topic as we plan to do some really fun things with Lucian to countdown to kindergarten. But for now, if you have the ability, JUMP IN, say yes to some spontaneous things. Spend more time with family and friends and make more memories!

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