Lucian’s Play Kitchen

In college, I babysat for a family that had a play kitchen in their kitchen and since then, I have always wanted to do the same when I had kids. Lucian LOVES playing and helping in the kitchen. When he started getting interested, we gave him his own cabinet to play. He really enjoyed having his plastic dishes in it.

When we started talking about making a kitchen, I started dreaming of a mini version of our kitchen. I shared the vision with my husband and asked him to help me on this project. We love getting to work together on a project and we make a pretty good team. We live in a 100ish year old house and are still in the process of a complete renovation/restoration. So, this is not our first collaboration!

For the kitchen, we used birch plywood with special walnut stain. For the oven, we used Rustoleum metallic steel spray paint. The countertops are sprayed with hammered Rustoleum. The backsplash is contact paper that I ordered on Amazon. We even painted the upper cabinets navy like ours! We have a few details to still add like a faucet and a custom wooden cutting board of course!

I love how this project turned out. It was fun to add all of the special details and spend time working on it together. My favorite part though, has been seeing Lucian pretend. It is so funny to see the things he has picked up from watching us and try them out for himself! We think Lu will get a lot of use out of this gift!

The cleaning kit is this one from Amazon. And how cute are these pots and pans my Mom and Dad sent for him!!

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