Lu’s Got Mail

Y’all, I am so excited about this week’s project. When Jennie and I first started, I only had a laser engraver/cutter and was VERY limited in what I could do as far as toys go. Looking back, I am not super proud of the project. The idea was good, but I have grown so much both in my abilities but also in machinery since adding the CNC router. So, I introduce to you the new and improved mailbox.

There are so many things I think we will use this for with Lucian. It would be a fun way to exchange letters between us and him. I am thinking tooth fairy, sweet letters to compliment him, practicing writing for him and more. Also, I had his family members send little notes to him. I am excited for these because now, they are sweet for me to read to him and talk about his family, especially those who are from out of town. Later, he will be able to practice reading by reading how much his family loves him. And then when he is a little older, he will realize how special it is to have these notes in the handwriting of people he loves so dearly.

This started out as me just wanting to remake his mailbox and turned into both an educational tool and a little heirloom that will keep affirming him for years to come. If you are interested, here is a link to the Etsy listing.

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