Mailbox Project

Over the weekend, Lucian played with his friend’s cow toy. It had a slot on the top and little pieces to push through. Lucian LOVED the toy and impressed us with how well it he could line up the pieces. That inspired me to make him a toy that had a slot and things to push through.

I used makercase to create the box with the finger joints. I designed my box upside down, so it doesn’t have a bottom. I didn’t want a bottom to make it easier for Lu to retrieve the mail. I engraved the box to say Lucian’s Mail and cut a slit in the top. Then, came the best part: creating the mail! I am going to add other pieces of mail from other family members’ writing and drawings. This will be a fun way to include his cousins that live far away! For now, I created an envelope from us and a postcard from his Godparents (I stole their handwriting from his birthday card). I love the way the mail turned out.

Lucian immediately knew what to do with the mail. This will be a cute edition to his playroom for years to come. We can keep adding mail to the pile. We might need to throw some junk mail in there too, to keep it realistic. 😉

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