Mini Market

I wanted to make something special for Brooks’ birthday. He has so much fun pretend playing so I knew I wanted to do something that facilitated that! We made Lu a kitchen last year, and he loves it, but I wanted to do something totally different! So, I decided to do a mini market.

What’s a mini market without some yummy treats to sell! I made these cute croissants and little cheeses to put in the baskets. The boys think the cheese is pizza! I added some fake pumpkins to the third basket. I think it is fun that the foods and produce can be switched out for the seasons if you want! I even thought it would be cute to add some fake flowers to sell!

I thought I was done after the food, but then I knew I had to add a way for him to sell the foods! He needed a cash register of course. And, what is a cash register without custom money and a credit card! I love how this whole thing turned out.

We added a little custom note to the back before we delivered it to Brooks! He started playing right away! I hope he will get tons and tons of fun pretend play out of it!! We love our sweet buddy so much!

We don’t have these listed on our Etsy, but they would make a great Christmas gift and we will take custom orders through messages on Etsy, Facebook or Instagram for local friends!

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