Music with Meaning

Both of our families enjoy music and usually have music playing in the background! The boys both enjoy music and dancing too! We wanted to share some songs that we have found to be special whether they remind us of our boys or because the lyrics are what we hope for our boys as they grow!

Songs that are special to us as Moms:

Forever Young Bob Dylan: This is the song Chloe and her Dad danced to at her wedding and she sings it to Lucian all of the time. The words really resonate with what she wants for Lu.

Beautiful Boy John Lennon: Chloe remembers introducing this song to Lance. Lucian wasn’t born yet and Lance didn’t seem to love it. One day while he was holding newborn Lu, Lance said “I didn’t understand calling a little baby boy beautiful, but now I get it” The song has been special to her ever since!

You Are the One Okee Dokee Brothers: This one is just a blast and it’s extra perfect for only children!

Boy originally by Lee Brice, I LOVE this version by Caleb and Kelsey!: This song not only makes me think of Brooks right now but also how it will be as he grows older and bigger too!

Just Be Elliot Park: We LOVE what this song says about just being and taking time to slow down and breathe. It is a great one for kids and is a fun song too! I love that it says to just be a kid!

All Ways Elliot Park: This is a song we play and sing with Brooks and Lucian a lot! We really like the message of loving you always in all ways, tell your kiddo(s) you are always for them no matter what! I also really love that it combines science with this too!

Try Everything from Zootopia by Shakira: LOVE the message of not giving up and when you fall to get back up and try again! My hope is Brooks will live by these words!

Songs Brooks and Lu LOVE or request:

Little Liza Jane: He heard a version of this at KinderMusik and we would lift up the kiddos on Oh Little Liza and he LOVES doing that! He request this one by holding his arms up and saying Ohhhh!

Wheels on the Bus: He loves the wheels on the bus and doing the motions! He usually says bus when he wants this one!

Cover Me in Sunshine: Lucian loves this song and always sings along.

Row Row Row your Boat: Lucian knows (almost) this whole song! And he thinks the “Merrily Merrily Merrily”s are so silly.

We also really love the Bluey Soundtrack on Spotify for the car!

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