Must Have Items

Chloe and I compiled a list of items we consider must haves, they make life easier with our little ones. We’ve put these items into categories: Feeding, Playing, Sleeping, Going Out, and Bath, Diapering, & Cleaning. We have a lot of overlapping favorites and if there are any specific to one of us you will see that in the lists below!


  • Aeroflow for getting pump through insurance. They make it SO EASY!
  • Haaka or a brand of silicone hand pump
  • Chloe’s go to is Coconut oil for nipples while breastfeeding. Jennie’s is coconut oil or Young Living’s Rose Ointment, both of these are AMAZING and the Rose Oinment was extremely helpful when I had cracked nipples early on.
  • Chloe used a Boppy and Brest Friend in the beginning. Jennie used a Brest Friend in the beginning.
  • Nursing bras and tanks make breastfeeding much easier!
  • Spectra
  • Avent bottles (mostly bc they worked with Spectra pump)
  • Mesh or Silicone feeder
  • The Big Book of Organic Baby Food, makes introducing solids much easier! Jennie loves the combination suggestions as well as the reading and understanding labels section!
  • Chloe really likes the baby bullet for purees. Jennie uses a hand immersion blender and have found that to be great too!
  • Glass storage containers for purees.
  • Freezer Trays for freezing purees
  • Bumkins Sleeved Bibs, they have some SUPER CUTE patterns like this outdoors one!
  • Num Num GOOtensils
  • Smash and feed bowl!
  • Ezpz cup
  • Munchkin 360 cup
  • Inchbug orbit labels
Brooks with his Num Num GOOtensil & is Bumkins Sleeved Bib


  • Sit me up seat
  • Boppy Lounger for when Brooks was little, he loved it! It was one of the places he was most content!
  • Fisher Price Stride to Rides (Lucian has the lion but it is no longer available on amazon?)
  • Lucian is getting the Nugget as a birthday gift, so stand by
  • Tummy time mirror (any will do). Jennie LOVES this rolling one and now that Brooks is crawling he enjoys chasing it!
  • Tummy Time mat (Lucian & Brooks loved Nemo)
  • Fisher Price Jumperoo, Brooks LOVES our Roarin’ Rainforest one! (It was a consignment find and some of the best money we have spent on a toy!)
  • Dance & Groove Rockit (another consignment find for us but Brooks absolutely LOVES this thing!)
  • Splash Pad, Brooks loves water and has really enjoyed this so far!
  • Outdoor Swing, this has been so much FUN for Brooks & us as a family especially since we aren’t able to go to parks right now!
  • We both love our first photo albums for family and friends pictures.
Brooks hanging out on his Boppy Lounger!


  • Zipper sleepers (especially if they zip down!)
  • Fleece Sleep Sacks for Brooks (we keep the air on 68 degrees at night)
  • Sound machine! Jennie loves the sound machine and diffuser combo! Jennie uses Gentle Baby and KidScents Sleepyize essential oils at night!
  • Monitor with video (Chloe loves their VAVA and Jennie loves our Cubo!)
  • Bassinet for your room if you plan on having baby in your room. Jennie loves the Halo bedside bassinet (it was tall enough to sit right next to our bed and saved my back the first few months)
  • Burts bees crib sheets. They are SO soft and cute!!
Brooks loves being in his Ergo Omni 360 Mesh Carrier, especially when he is forward facing and can see what is going on around us!

Going Out

  • Infant Seat (We both love our Graco Click Connect travel system products!)
  • Stroller (Jennie loves our Graco Modes Jogger, it has been GREAT for me when working out with Brooks too!)
  • Ergobaby
  • Wrap carrier
  • Stroller Fan, this one from Amazon is AWESOME because it is rechargeable
Lucian with his photo album!


  • Fisher Price Baby Dome (this could go in many categories!)
  • Pack n Play, as Brooks has become more mobile this has helped so much especially while cooking dinner, working, etc.
  • Jennie loves Diaper Changing Mat & Caddy or some way to organize Diapers/Wipes for changing diapers in the car when we are on the go and out and about
  • Jennie loves this Stroller/Car Seat Sound Machine, it was great early on!
Brooks LOVING his tummy time mirror!


  • We both appreciate our Ubbi diaper pail
  • Foam changing pad. SO WORTH THE SPLURGE! Saves you from having to change covers
  • HELLO BELLO subscription, their designed diapers are SO CUTE!
    • HB soap, diaper cream, sunscreen, bug spray, spray hand sanitizer (Jennie LOVES this to keep in the stroller storage tray and the car)
  • Jennie loves the Young Living Seedlings & KidScents Items
    • Seedlings Wipes, soap, lotion, baby oil, diaper rash ointment, tender tush, this bundle is a GREAT gift!
  • Infant bath seat
    • or just take baths together when they get a little bigger. SO MUCH EASIER!
  • Jennie uses KidScents Owies for boo boos
  • Jennie uses Copaiba & Lavender combined with Coconut Oil to apply to the jawline while teething for Brooks
  • Jennie LOVES Young Living Thieves Cleaner for a GREAT, non-toxic, worry free cleaning option
  • Jennie loves Young Living hand santizer (comes in travel size too which is really convenient for the diaper bag!)
Lucian with his EZPZ cup!

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