My Last 5 Amazon Purchases

I have scored some really great things on amazon in the last few weeks and I wanted to share! Some of these are basics that we keep in our house and some are new finds.

  1. Wikki Stix
    I used these all the time in my last job, but hadn’t thought to buy some for Lucian yet. I grabbed these to take on vacation last week and Brooks and Lucian both loved them!! These will be great for table play, taking to restaurants, travel and more!
  2. Kinetic Sand
    This is a staple in our house. We always have a bin of it under our kitchen island so Lu can get it out anytime. It is easily swept up if it gets out of the box. We also just gave this adult version as a gift and its pretty fun for the whole family!!
  3. Spoons and Cups
    Anyone else feel like whoever is stealing socks from the laundry also steals your kiddos silverware and cups??!! I just ordered these to restock our cabinet.
  4. Instant Camera and Film
    I plan to do a reel about this soon, but I recently grabbed this camera and we have loved it! There is something nostalgic about it. The kids love getting to hold the pictures as soon as they develop. Also, we are pretty bad at remembering to print pictures. So it is nice to have some right away to display. Each vacation we have been on recently both with friends and family, we just spread them out on the table and let people pick which ones they wanted to take.
  5. Trays
    I freaking love these trays! We just bought them a couple of weeks ago and have used them so much already. And they are so cute too! We have taped coloring pages to them for the car, used them for messy projects, used them to contain lego sets, used them to carry small items from one place to another, used them to pretend to serve food and more already!

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