New Years Eve Activities

Having worked with kids for all of my adult life, I have celebrated New Years Eve with lots of kid activities and thought I would share a few fun, simple ones here!

We plan to count down with the boys around 8, but I have been to many Noon Years events and that is fun too!

Ball Drop: We are doing a balloon drop this year. We plan to just tape some plastic to the ceiling with tons of balloons inside and pull a couple strings at the end of our countdown. Throw in some poppers or confetti cannons if you want!

Party Hats: There are tons of templates online for NYE party hats. Here are some fun ones! Print these out, grab some markers or crayons and maybe some glitter (if you’re brave) or streamers! Make sure you have enough for the adults too, bc I would for sure be making one right alongside the kids!

Champagne Toast: There are lots of ways to do this, you will need something bubbly: Spindrift, Sprite, Sparkling Grape Juice. You can leave it at that, but we like to get fancy and add in some gummy bears or cotton candy. It’s NYE after all.

Confetti Poppers: These were always a big hit at the museum! And, they’ll be a lot less difficult to make for a small crowd, than when we had to make them for hundreds of kiddos!

Firework Painting: Use straws or toilet paper rolls to stamp some fireworks with paint!

Fireworks in a Jar: If your little one is into science, this is a good one!

Share your favorite NYE activities in the comments, and tag us on Instagram and Facebook if you try any of these or your own ideas!

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