Non Candy Easter Basket Fillers

We are trying to do less candy for our at-home celebrations this year. Not because we are trying to limit candy, but because we know that he will be getting candy at so many little events and from family. Every holiday, we end up with so much candy!! So, we are going to move in another direction at home to try to help!

  1. Trail Mix
    I saw this idea on Instagram and I love it! You can fill the eggs with all different things that make up a trail mix. (examples: Marshmallows, Chex, craisins, M&Ms, cheerios, pretzels, goldfish etc.) You just put one kind of snack in each egg. When the hunt is over, give kiddos a mason jar or a ziploc bag and let them dump the eggs to create a special mix!
  2. Trucks
    I ordered these this year. The quality is pretty good. And they will be the perfect little toys to take places when things may get lost or left behind!
  3. Playdough
    I saw these on Amazon. We aren’t grabbing these this year. But I love the idea, because playdough will last, and you never really have too much of it! It’s a good idea to go in with a friend and split things so you can get a good deal and have a good variety!
  4. Glow Hunt
    We got these so we can do a fun night time hunt. They come with extra sticks, so I see us doing one glow hunt inside and one outside. I loved this idea, because with local events, we will have plenty of daytime hunting happening leading up to Easter.
  5. Easter Tokens
    In case you missed our last post, these are in our Etsy shop. We think they are a great way to give experiences and to make the celebration and family time last longer!

If you have some favorite non-candy ideas, please share!

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