Not Your Average Building Blocks

We thought it would be fun to share some building sets that we love with you. We will not be sharing plain wooden blocks, plain DUPLOS or any other common blocks; not because we don’t love those, WE DO! But, we wanted to share some you may not have tried out yet!

PLUS PLUS Blocks: These are very popular in our house. When I pack these for a trip, adults are just as likely to be seen playing with them on the coffee table as the kids! Lucian loves tearing builds apart and pretending to build “guys.” He also loves to use them with his excavator and dump truck to make (and sometimes clean up) big messes! These are also fun for teaching colors! (Oh and their headquarters are right here ins Greenville SC!)

Magnetic Mix or Match Dinosaurs: These dinosaur building sets are so fun. They can help teach color matching, body parts and more! Lucian loves putting these together. He also loves pretend playing with them. These get played with almost every day at our house! There are so many versions, zoo animals, farm animals etc.

Magnatiles or Picasso Tiles: These are very popular. They have been on my list to buy for Lucian for awhile now, but they are so expensive! He played with them at a friend’s house recently and back on his Christmas list they went! I will be on the look out for Cyber Monday deals on these. Also how cute are these characters!

My First Acrobats: We just got these as a gift and they are SO fun!! I highly recommend these for toddlers. It is hard to find magnetic toys that say they are safe for this age. Smart Max toys are for 1-3. This set comes with cards to try to copy! We love playing with these together!

Wooden Marble Run: When I worked at the museum, the marble run blocks were a big hit! We used HABA, but they are pretty pricey. This little set is so cute! Our boys aren’t ready for these yet, but I will be getting something similar as soon as they are. This will be another one that the grown ups will have a hard time watching and not taking over the play! This electric marble run set is on our list for when Brooks gets a little bigger, possibly for next year’s birthday or Christmas list!

Building Blocks Train: Lucian had a train like this when he was younger and loved it!

Foam Blocks: Brooks has some like these and LOVES them! They are his favorite to build tall towers and then knock them down! Also how neat are these awesome magnetic foam blocks! They come in sets for a helicopter, rocket, critter, speedboat and more! Found these when adding the link for our foam blocks and Brooks will definitely be getting some of these.

Bristle Blocks: These are on our list to buy for Brooks, they are so awesome! I love that they have texture to them and also work fine and gross motor skills to create and build with them.

Waffle Blocks: Brooks has used something like these at swim lessons a couple of times and really loved them! SO they are also on our list for birthday or Christmas for him.

Wooden Magnetic Blocks: I LOVE wooden blocks and the fact that these are also magnetic is super cool! The possibilities are endless! We cannot wait to get these for Brooks!

Of course, we have some fun sets on our Etsy too:

These are just some our favorites. We would LOVE to hear your favorites and of course, sometimes the recycling pile is full of the most entertaining blocks you can find. 🙂

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