Nuggets: Part-Furniture, Part-Toy

Nugget’s website says it is: Part-furniture, part-toy, and all-around the best thing to happen to playtime since, well, ever. We agree!!!

Brooks and Lucian both LOVE their nuggets! This and the Pikler are two toys they are guaranteed to play with daily!

They are hard to get! They are currently out of stock but are doing the next restock this month by the end of the month! Some tips to help:

  • They release on a specified day at 12 PM EST, be prepared.
  • Assume they will sell out, almost immediately.
  • Have your account set up ahead of time and be ready to go right at release time.
  • Have someone else trying at the same time.
  • We both got our first color choices but have a couple of back up choices just in case your first choice isn’t available.
  • Follow their instagram @NuggetComfort for more tips.
  • Sign up here to be notified of restock.
Some FUN ways to set up the nuggets!

The Nugget has endless possibilities for play and ways to set it up! It is AWESOME for imaginative play. Think fort building, slides, book nook, climbing gym, shop set up, etc. (As you can see, the possibilities are endless! Open to your imagination and what you can dream up!)! Join a group on Facebook or check out instagram for ideas for setup. The quality is AMAZING and the covers are machine washable!

Fun things we’ve found to pair with the nugget:

  • Pikler
  • Tunnel
  • Squishy Pillows
  • Landing Pad (for those crash landings, if you have a climber) the pillows double here or Jennie uses an old chair cushion!

It is even a WIN with parents (there’s even #nuggetdad), GREAT to relax on and for a movie night! The box makes for a GREAT way to scare your spouse and doubles as a tunnel too!

Chloe and I both HIGHLY recommend these! We were happy to support a small business and it is even local(ish), out of Hillsborough, NC.

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