Number/Color Sorters

We have been working on counting and identifying numbers with Brooks so I wanted to make something we could use now and that could grow with him as we continue to work on numbers! I added colors too so that we could work on them together and separately too!

We will be able to use these to match colors with toys or items (pompoms, rice from the sensory bin, pouch caps, etc.) and count toys & items, or both!

We will use them starting out for just one or the other to keep it simple but can definitely combine both as he starts to get the hang of numbers and colors! I look forward to having and using these with Brooks now and for years to come!

He LOVES stacking them and trying to say the numbers with me as he stacks and unstacks the pieces! You can find these on our Etsy Shop, here. For a behind the scenes look at how these were made check out our reel.

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