Our Favorite Baby/Toddler Carriers

We both really enjoy baby wearing! It can be so helpful when you have a fussy babe and work to do, or just want to be able to use your arms! There have been a lot of events and moments saved by access to a great carrier!

Ergo Baby: We were given a hand-me-down Ergobaby and absolutely loved it! I used it at the flea market, doing tasks at home and even at work! They don’t make the same model as we were passed down, but this one is close. It was also SUPER washable, which was very important since our little guy had a serious spit-up issue!

We also have an LOVE the Ergo carrier it is my FAVORITE and I LOVE the structured carrier best! I used other carriers as well and enjoy them too but love the versatility that comes with the Ergo! We have this one and I would highly recommend it! I will say I don’t recommend black because it is HOT!

Wrap Carrier: I liked the wrap carrier a lot, but honestly, I think I preferred the Ergobaby, it was just as comfortable and easier to put on. I still used both, but honestly, preferred the more structured carrier. This wrap carrier from amazon was the one I used.

Wild Bird Sling: We were gifted this Wild Bird Sling and I like it A LOT! I used it more when Sawyer was a newborn and I felt like it kept him so snug and close! I really got comfy, close feeling with it! I need to try it now that Sawyer is bigger again!

Brooks’ Hiking Carrier: This hiking carrier is GREAT and so much FUN! We have used this several times with Brooks! He loves to get down and hike! When it is a tougher terrain or a longer hike he will ride in it some! He loved riding in it! He could see and be part of the hike with us! He was also able to rest if he wanted or needed to as well!

Piggy Back Rider: We just bought this carrier. It is made by a small business. We had seen it a lot and Lu loves riding on shoulders, but shoulders get tired. We think this is going to help a lot. We are excited to try it out more and will definitely report back!

Shoulder Carrier: BJ LOVED using this with Brooks, we haven’t used it with Sayer yet but I am sure he will love it just as much with him too! This was GREAT for when Brooks was too small to stay sitting up and now would be GREAT for long shoulder carries for comfort and support or them!

Hip Carriers: I think these hip carriers, like the TushBaby and this one by Ergobaby look awesome too!!

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