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I overheard a conversation between two older men this week in the checkout line about Mother’s Day. They started by joking about how people make a bigger deal over Mother’s Day than Fathers Day and they feel left out. But then the older of the two men said: My mom was the best mom in the world. I know most people say the same thing about their moms.” The other man laughed and agreed. And even mentioned that that was what he had written in the butterfly card he bought for his mother this year. Then the older man said “There is nothing like the love of a mother. My mom would spank me one minute and then hug me and tell me how much she loved me a few minutes later. And I could feel how much she really meant it. No one can love you like your mom can and they don’t get enough credit for all they do. It is really a special thing.” 

After hearing this, we thought we would tell you about our moms, we think they are pretty special..


Things that I see that make me think of my mom:
Butterflies, Cookbooks, ferns, monkey faces (aka Johnny Jump Ups), and Candy Land

Things my Mom always says, and good life lessons:
”If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”
”What goes around, comes around.”

Things about my mom that inspire me:
Her willingness to always be there and help others no matter what she has going on!
Her servant heart! She shows her love through her actions and is always doing and cooking/baking for others!

Traits I hope to inherit from my mom:
Her smile & infectious laugh
Just a smidge of her cooking/baking talent
Her green thumb

Favorite things we do together:
As a young child playing candy land together, no matter how many times I asked one thing I remember is she would play this game with me over and over!
Simply sitting and talking (it’s harder to do these days with wild man running around) but telling stories and talking about our days which many times is so simple but it’s great to chat about even the small things it’s even better when there is something she’s done that has made her laugh or brought her joy because you can hear it in her voice!

Memory with my mom:
When I was younger for years I had a really hard time going to sleep without my mom in the room! Countless nights she would come and sit in the rocking chair while I went to sleep, sometimes she’d read other times she’d play Nintendo (Mario) until I fell asleep! It was not small feat on her part but selflessly she did it night after night and it’s such a fond memory!!! 💜💜


Things I see that instantly make me think about my mom:
Anything that is a good shade of green
Peace Signs
Good vintage pieces and antiques

Things my mom always says:
Be Sweet
Only boring people get bored
It’s just hair (It’ll grow back.)

Things about my mom that inspire me:
How much she has embraced being 100 percent herself.
She is part-owner of the best little vintage shop in the San Marco neighborhood in Jacksonville FL, Rusted. They helped us get started selling our wooden toys and it really is the cutest little spot.
She has always gone out of her way to be generous and gives great gifts.
My mom has made her way through some tough seasons and has come out still knowing love and joy and I think that is pretty special and certainly not the easy route.
She can keep plants alive and arrange flowers better than anyone I know.

Traits I hope to inherit from my mom:
I have already inherited MANY traits from Mom. Lance says I am inheriting more and more traits from her every day. And I think what he means is I get more and more free-spirited and willing to be me every day, and I hope that is true. Or maybe its my harem pants, the colored hair and sarcasm.

Favorite things we do together:
When we are together, we are probably watching a new spooky series or hitting up the local Flea Market.

A little more about my mom:
I love watching my mom love Lucian. They talk almost every day on Facetime and Lu really looks forward to it. Lucian thinks his NaNa is hilarious. He dances for her, talks to her, shows her his new toys and they laugh a lot. Like the older gentleman I overheard talking said, there is nothing like the love of a mother, but there is also nothing like watching your mother love your little one.

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  1. I love this! I think there is always something to learn from the “mothers” in our lives. The ones who gave birth to us and all the others along the way! Your moms sound great!

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