Outdoor Fun Round Up

Over the last few years, we have tried out lots of fun toys and activities for summer. Here are our current favorites:

  • Water Tables: This is the one Lu has. And Brooks has this one! They both spend a lot of time playing with these. We even bring Lucian’s into our shower for the winter!
  • Water guns: These are the best!! They have a quick reload that makes it so even the boys can reload them, and it only takes seconds!!
  • Splash Pad: We got this sprinkler pool/splash pad when Brooks was 8 months old and it was a big hit! We are looking forward to using it with Sawyer too! Check out this post on the AWESOME splash pad Lance & Chloe built for Lu!
  • Shovels. We got ours on clearance at Target, after Easter. Here is a set with great reviews! The kids love digging and gardening.
  • Sand Boxes. Brooks just got his sandbox and loves it! Lucian has this one. We actually have two (one for rocks and one for sand). We had gravel in the rock bin, but we are going to replace it with larger rocks this summer. We got both of ours for a steal on Facebook Marketplace. A lot of the outdoor toys can be found secondhand for a great price!
  • Outdoor Table: The one Lucian has is similar to this one. We love how light it is, so we can move it from the porch to the yard.
  • Bubbles: Our homes are both very bubble loving! So, we have lots of bubble products. This bubble machine is so nice. You can use batteries or plug it in! Brooks has this blower and it is a big hit with all of the kids! Lu was just gifted a bubble gun like this one and he absolutely loves it!
  • Stepping Stones: Lu has this set. And this is the set Brooks has.
  • Cozy Coupe: The boys will be 3 this year (very soon!) and their cozy coupes are still played with! Lu has the truck and Brooks has the gardening truck (looks like this one isn’t being sold anymore).
  • Brooks got this bounce house last year and it has been a big hit!
  • Here are some fun DIY ideas we shared last year: Balance Beams and Toddler Swing Hack.

Also, please remember that kids do not need all of these things or even anything at all to have fun outside! Our boys love rocks, dirt and exploring just as much as playing with these items!

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