75 Hard Challenge

You guys, we are so excited to say we finished the 75 Hard Challenge!! We were both talking about being more disciplined and consistent. So, we decided to go for it! That’s right, we each did 150 workouts (75 outside), read 750 pages, drank 75 gallons and stuck to a certain way of eating for […]

Lu can swim! And why you should jump in too!

When we were trying to decide whether we wanted to put Lucian in preschool or keep him home, I read a blog ( a lot of blogs) that said, if you are going to keep your kid home for another year and not be bound by the school system or its schedule, exploit it. Make […]

Kid’s Craft Keychains

Personalized keychains are up on the blog. We came up with a way for your kiddos to make a super special gift for someone they love! These keychains are customizable on both sides and most have a place for your kiddo to leave their fingerprint! Check out the listing here. And send us your ideas […]

Gearing up for Summer

We LOVE being outdoors and as it gets warmer and we head into summer I LOVE finding new fun things for outside! A few new things we have gotten already and we are loving are: Items we have used for multiple years now and are still getting lots of use out of them! I really […]

Our Favorite Subscriptions/Items the Kiddos Get in the Mail

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE getting something special in the mail?! Our boys are no different, they love and look forward to getting their monthly items in the mail! Highlights High Five & Hello: Chloe, Lance, and Lu got Brooks the highlights magazine subscription for Christmas (such an AWESOME gift idea!) and it has […]