Grief with Closing One Chapter of Life

Hello! My name is Lori Klein. I am a wife and a mom of two as well as a dog mom to an adorable 9 year old beagle named Samus! We live in Lakeville, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis. I have been married to my husband Aaron for just under 8 years. We have a […]

Favorite Places to Go with Different Aged Kids

Having Brooks and Sawyer is so much fun, it keeps us very busy! We really enjoy getting out, exploring, and having fun experiences. We knew this would come with some challenges with two of different ages, we divide and conquer a lot. Taking turns with who goes with who, hoping to make sure both boys […]

Lap Desk

I have been thinking about getting Brooks a lap desk for a bit now and had the realization that I could definitely make one for him and it would be easy! I envisioned this getting used for coloring and with his tablet some. Once it was made I quickly started seeing other possibilities too! We […]

Secondhand Finds

I am very big into thrifting. I love the thrill of the hunt and I love the feeling of finding something really special. I also love saving money and getting a great deal, and the idea of using what is already out there. With kids especially, they go through clothes, shoes and even toys very […]