Playroom Mural

I recently saw a kids shirt on a vintage kids instagram that said “Be Sunny and Share.” I am both a real fan of puns and fun music, so I loved the shirt! And, my first thought was, “Lucian needs a playroom sign that says this!” Two days later, I made this!

I was pretty excited about the way the sign turned out and immediately decided I needed to paint it on the wall in the playroom we just added to our workshop/garage. I, of course, have never painted a mural. But I saw Amanda at Love&Renovations (who I love, go follow her if you liked DIY home projects!) do some arches a few weeks ago and thought it was worth a try!

I used a pencil and a screw each tied to a string to create the arches. Then, I just carefully used a paint brush to follow the lines. They are not perfect, but I reminded myself that this is just a play area. I LOVE the way the arches turned out. It adds so much brightness and cheer to the room.

I laser cut the letters, then used painters tape to help with placement. Once I had them where I liked them, I just used a nail gun to attach them to the wall.

This is the biggest project I have done 100 percent on my own, and I am really proud of it! If you are considering taking on a project, but are nervous, go for it! I know I am glad I did.

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