Positive Mom Moments

Why is it so hard for us moms to see the good sometimes? If one things goes awry we hone in on it and forget about all the other positive things that happened that day or week even! We tend to focus on what didn’t go well versus what did or where we can improve instead of what we are rocking!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we shouldn’t improve or think about how we can be the best versions of ourselves but we also need to stop and think about what we are doing well? I am going to share a recent mom win with you and encourage you to also think about a recent win and share it with us!

Our house seems like it can be in a constant state of chaos sometimes; piles of laundry, toys scattered everywhere, half eaten lunch still sitting out well past lunch! Please tell me I am not alone here 🤪! But recently we were cleaning up and the loft play area, Brooks’/Sawyer’s rooms, and the living room/play area were tackled and the toys strung out everywhere were sorted and put away! Brooks helped some but the bulk of it was done over a couple of days while he was napping and at bedtime! I mean the mom win could be the fact cleaning happened, am I right?!? 😂 But I am going to focus on Brooks’ reaction: he got so excited seeing these spaces cleaned up! Every time he walked into the loft play area he would spread his arms out to say “look mom, it is all clean in here!” I was thankful that he noticed! We have also started noticing that he plays SO MUCH BETTER when the area he is playing in is tidied up! He has more space to play but he also is much more imaginative too!

SHARE YOURS! What is your recent mom win, one thing that has gone well! I challenge you to at the end of the day stop and think about one thing that went well that day, one win!

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