Pregnancy and Preparing for Little Bug

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This pregnancy has been VERY different than my pregnancy with Brooks! I had nausea with this pregnancy up until about 19 weeks and I didn’t have any nausea with Brooks! I have had food aversions with onions being the main aversion! It is very hard to find things that do not have onions or onion powder in it! Meat and peppers has been some other aversions, I have had and that adds to the difficulty of finding food as well! The smell of onions, peppers, or meats cooking is a huge turn off so we have done A LOT of Doordashing because I have not felt up to cooking or knew if I smelt some things cooking I then would not want to eat them. I have had heartburn but did experience that with my first pregnancy too. This pregnancy feels very different overall too which I know is normal, feeling pressure and having backaches much earlier on.

I was able to feel Little Bug move earlier and he is quite the wiggle worm. This is so exciting! We aren’t feeling him move from the outside yet, but don’t think it will be too much longer! Brooks is aware that there is a baby in Mama’s belly and talks about it often. We found out last week that Little Bug is a boy so now we have started talking about Brooks having a baby brother!

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Little Bug has been quite the booger at our appointments with getting to listen to his heart, finding the heart tones and with the ultrasounds too! He is VERY, VERY wiggly. We had a scare at the 13 week appointment, the nurse wasn’t able to find his heart tones. Another nurse came in and wasn’t able to find them either. We went back for an ultrasound and immediately, I saw him wiggling around on the screen and a huge sigh of relief came. The ultrasound tech even had to try for a few minutes to capture him when he was still enough to be able to capture and listen to his heart tones. At my most recent appointment at 21 weeks, he was “playing hide and seek” as the nurse said and she had to try for a bit to get the heart tones as well. At the anatomy scan they had a hard time getting all the images they needed and the doctor had to come in and finish up because he was being so wiggly. So, you can catch the point that we may have our hands full with this little dude! I guess he is hearing his brother out here being so active and is getting ready to keep up with him! 🤪

Along with this being the second pregnancy there has been a lot of thoughts on my part about being able to love another human the way I love Brooks and how will I ever be able to split my love for these two boys? I also think about Brooks sharing his attention he gets from Mom and Dad, as he has been our only for over 2 years! I also wonder about splitting my time 50/50 and being able to be there for both of them and give them both what they need in the sense of love, learning, and care. I know he and we will adjust and my heart will grow but it doesn’t stop the thoughts and questions from being there!

I cannot write about this pregnancy without saying a HUGE THANK YOU to BJ for being there, helping me in so many ways, and being so supportive! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing but it also changes things for us too especially the first few months when the nausea was at its highest! BJ is an AMAZING dad and husband, I am so very thankful for him! I cannot wait to see him continue in his role as a dad with the birth of this baby boy!

We are planning for this to be our last pregnancy, so I am trying to enjoy it and soak it all in! I am really paying attention to the movements and how I am feeling, along with including BJ as much as I can too! I am also really working to love my body and all the phases of pregnancy it is progressing through and how it is changing daily! This baby is already so loved and we cannot wait to meet him but we are not going to rush this along!

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