Prepping for Little Bug & Brooks throughout the Pregnancy

There has been a lot going on to prep for Little Bug! We took several courses at our hospital to help us prepare for Brooks so pulling those notes back out and looking over those again! I also decided to sign up for Mommy Labor Nurse class as well because with how different this pregnancy has been I have been a bit more anxious about the laboring part. Signing up for this course and since starting to take it I have felt a lot of that worry subside and am feeling much better about it!

Another thing I have been getting ready is my hospital bags and thinking about what to include or leave out! The course has a GREAT list of items to include and I had my list from my trip with Brooks too so referred back to that as well. Never mind that I woke up at 4:45 AM in a panic because I was having Braxton Hicks and my bag wasn’t packed yet and I started packing at 4:45 in the morning 🤦🏻‍♀️ and scared BJ so bad 😂

I do two separate bags, one for labor and delivery and another for postpartum, that way I am not having to rummage through things I don’t need while in labor and delivery and vice versa! I did this with Brooks too and found it so helpful! So what is in my hospital bags?

Labor & Delivery Bag:

Postpartum Bag

  • Comfy PJ Pants– I wore these the entire time we were there with Brooks along with a nursing tank top! They are super comfortable and cute too so they were PERFECT! I plan to do the same thing this time with Little Bug.
  • Diffuser & Essential Oils– will move to the postpartum room with us!
  • Nursing Tank Tops
  • Robe– I LOVE this one from Natural Life, they do not have the color I have anymore but this is the same robe but a different color.
  • Long Sleeve Light Weight Sweatshirt– LOVE this Mama one from Little Mama Shirt Shop!
  • My Pillow
  • Boppy
  • Hair Bands
  • Chapstick
  • Hard Candy
  • My Water Cup
  • Snacks
  • Phone Chargers
  • Toiletry Items for Shower
  • Going Home outfit- maternity leggings and a comfy/cute shirt

Also in Little Bugs bag I do not over do it! I will have a couple of cute swaddles & hats because we were able to use these for the hospital pictures with Brooks and they turned out so CUTE! And two going home outfits one newborn and one 0-3 months. They are prepping us for a BIG baby sooooo having the 0-3 month option may be more of a necessity this time 😳! While we are in the hospital the plan will be to have him in a diaper and a swaddle with hats, we won’t put him in clothes until we are leaving.

Brooks has been AMAZING during this pregnancy! He talks about baby “brudder” A LOT and I LOVE it! He also is so stinking sweet and LOVES to get up in my lap and talk to baby “brudder” and give him kisses too! He is already telling him he loves him and tells him “You’re my best friend baby brudder” talk about melting my mama heart! He checks on me so much too, if he sees me put my hand on my belly he will ask if my belly hurts or if baby “brudder” is moving/kicking me. I LOVE it when he is laying with me and he feels Little Bug kick usually he quickly says “Mama, baby brudder just kicked me” and then laughs and says “baby brudder” or “baby brudder be kind!” 😆 He has been talking more and more lately about all the things he is going to teach Little Bug including: running FAST, climbing, and jumping! He says he is going to share all of his toys some days and none of them the next. 😳 😬 We will see how this goes I guess! 😂

We are so EXCITED and cannot wait to meet Little Bug and see Brooks in his role as BIG brother! I know it will come with lots of adjustments for all of us but also know it will be a very special time too! 💙💚💙💚

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