Pretend Play Laptop

This week’s project came about when a mom friend reached out about her daughter seeing her husband working and being very interested in “working” on a laptop! Thank you, Brigid!

Brooks LOVES “working” too! We have an old keyboard that he has that he usually “works” on but now he will have his very own laptop to work, play, and imagine with!

This is made with 3/4 inch birch plywood for the top and bottom of the laptop. I used leather straps to allow the laptop to be open and remain open while being played with. There are different options for the keyboard. I have one piece that is removable with the letters & numbers and one where I have puzzle pieced the keyboard into 5 pieces for an added layer of fun with this! There is also the option for the keyboard to be the same piece as the bottom of the laptop and having it engraved so it is all one piece instead of the separate pieces.

The letters/numbers & outlines of the buttons can be painted as you see in the photos of the puzzle pieces. I have painted them with black milk paint but they can be painted any color of your choice or left natural as you see in the one where the keyboard is one piece.

The laptop screen is painted with chalkboard paint so that it can be used to write on with chalk too! This can be left natural vs painted or if you want it painted but do not want the chalkboard option black milk paint can be used on this instead.

Have an idea or something your little one is interested in, send it our way! We would LOVE to make something custom for you! You can find this here in our Etsy shop.

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