Pretend Play Razor

Lucian makes us laugh so much lately with how much he imitates us. He will try to stand exactly how we stand, he wants his hair (the very little he has) done like ours, he’s repeating our phrases, etc. This, of course, makes us much more aware of the things we say and do. So far, it hasn’t gotten us into trouble, but it keeps us laughing!

In the shower the other day, Lu asked me to shave his legs. When I finished laughing, I explained that his legs weren’t hairy and that my razor was only for adults to use. I guess it is clear where I got the inspiration for this little project. Our little guy clearly needed a razor of his own. I don’t plan to sell these unless I decide to make some kind of grooming kit later. But, for now I thought I would just share this cute little project with you all!

We would love to hear the things that your little one does to imitate you too!

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