Pretend Play Sword and Shield

Since it is so likely that (childrenwill meet cruel enemies, let them at least have heard of brave knights and heroic courage. Otherwise you are making their destiny not brighter but darker.”

C. S. Lewis

Lucian is really getting into trying things that he sees other kids or adults doing. If Dad is hammering, Lucian is banging his mini hammer on the closest wall or piece of wood. If Mom is baking cookies, Lucian is helping stir or using his own spoon and bowl to stir. He puts keys in the ignition and pretends to drive. He turns anything small into a phone and “talks” on it. With the beginning of pretend play happening, I wanted to encourage that and what better way to start than pretending to be a brave knight!

When I decided to make the sword and shield set, I knew I wanted to add leather. I have been wanting to try to engrave leather since I got my engraver, so I decided it was time! I love the way this set came out. I designed the sword and shield in illustrator and then I cut it out using our Shapeoko. The wood is birch and it is finished in Tung Oil. Lucian hasn’t quite gotten the hang of the shield but he is loving the sword. (I imagine once he has a friend with a sword, he will learn the shield quickly. ;))

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