Push/Pull Toys

The push and pull toys are great for motor development! It encourages development as they push and pull the toys but also as they crawl, walk, or move around on the floor to play with them. The oval cut out on the push elephant & car are great for little hands! They are so much fun, Brooks loves his red car!!!

These toys are made out of Birch, glued with wood glue, and painted with milk paint. All kid friendly, non-toxic items! They were made on the X-Carve using the Easel program!

I chose the elephant because Brooks’ nursery is animal themed and one of our favorite animals is an elephant. I chose a car because who doesn’t love a car toy! I loved them growing up, I was always playing with my brother’s matchbox cars. Then, of course a dog because I love puppies and I made it a pull toy so it is more realistic, like walking a dog on a leash. Love one of these or have another idea? I’d love to make a push/pull toy for the little one(s) in your life! To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

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