Rhyming Words

These is a fun way to use and teach rhyming, letters and letter sounds, and words. It can be paired with our wooden letters to make it a complete set that is ready for playing and learning. You could also use letters that you already have like magnets, stickers, make play-doh letters, etc! This will include 10 unique rhyming tiles including: -ug, -en, -et, -ad, -op, -an, -in, -at, -ar, and -ig

Brooks has been very interested in words and what letters they start with lately. Usually when we are riding in the car he likes to ask what all the things he sees out his window and what letter they start with so I can see him really having fun and being silly with this probably even making up some of his own words too.

I look forward to using these with him and us having lots of fun, seeing how many different ways we can use them! I think he will really like pairing them with play-doh and stamping the letters!

You can find these on our Etsy shop here.

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