Sawyer’s Nursery

Welcome to Sawyer’s Nursery! If you have been with us a while, you may notice this room looks familiar! This was also Brooks’ nursery, he got an upgrade to a big boy room (you can see more about that here)!

The first thing we chose when we found out Sawyer was a boy was the theme for his room! We wanted to stick with the animal theme but wanted it to be different, so we decided on a Woodland theme! Foxes, owls, hedgehogs, bears, raccoons, skunks, deer, and bunnies were what we landed on with a focus on foxes!

We LOVE books so the book wall and storage bench were pieces that had to stay because they allow for lots of book storage! The alphabet picture also stayed from Brooks’ nursery too, it was a GREAT find at a consignment shop we couldn’t part with!

I knew I wanted to make Sawyer a name sign for his room because we did this for Brooks also, I LOVE how this turned out and am so glad we decided to hang it! This is what we used to share Sawyer’s name with our family and friends at the baby shower too. We LOVED the crib and dresser we got for Brooks and how the crib transitioned from crib to toddler bed and will also transition to a full bed so we knew we wanted the same options for the crib we chose for Sawyer! We chose this crib and dresser from Milk Street Baby and have been very pleased with them both!

The animal pictures and sayings came from Hobby Lobby and World Market, as we found them while I was pregnant we would get them to add to his room! The You are our BEST adventure, the no wake sign, and the giraffe growth were from Brooks’ nursery! We will use the growth chart to continue to measure both boys as they grow!

The nursery wasn’t finished before Sawyer was born but guess what, it was OKAY! It was finished after he arrived and he hasn’t minded one bit 😜! I say this to say, don’t feel the pressures of ALL the things having to be DONE and PERFECT before your baby arrives! As long as baby has a safe place to sleep that is all that truly matters!

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