Seesaw Balance Toy

This is an educational toy I have been thinking about making for a while now. Brooks is not developmentally ready for it quite yet but he loves the blocks and he stacks them on the seesaw. I thought about putting it away until he is ready for it but think I am going to leave it out and let him explore and play with it in his own ways. When he is developmentally ready we will talk and explore all the things and ways to balance.

I made blocks to go with this and to use for balancing but you could really use any items around the house to play and see which items are heavier/lighter. Getting it to balance is a bit tricky and takes some patience but will promote lots of learning and FUN!

This was designed using Easel Pro and cut with the X-Carve with Birch Wood then glued together with wood glue and finished with Sweet Pickins’ All Natural Hemp Oil.

You can find this on our Etsy shop, here.

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