One of my favorite places to relax and unwind! My hammock with an iced coffee and a book!

Taking time for you as a mom is so important and even more so during our current times! This may look different for each person but it is imperative to find something you enjoy and make the time to do it!

One of our first walks as a family! I LOVE being outside!

As a mom I know it can be hard to step away and not feel guilty for it! I also know that when I make this time for me a priority and take the time I come back refreshed and much more present in the time I spend with Brooks!

Some things I enjoy making time for are baths, working out, reading, iced coffee, time for BJ and I to connect, taking a nap, and being outside. Some ways I make this happen are to get up early, while Brooks naps, my husband helps especially for workouts that Brooks doesn’t go to, or in the evenings when he is in bed.

Baths are another favorite way for me to relax and rejuvenate!

It looks a little different each day! One thing I try to be consistent with is making time for BJ and I everyday after Brooks goes to sleep! Whether it’s sitting out on the porch just being together and chatting about the day, playing video games, or watching a tv show together.

Body Back workout that I do while BJ keeps Brooks! This was the 80s themed class!

I also try to workout 4-5 days a week. Brooks comes with me to some of these and 2 days a week BJ keeps him so I can go by myself. Then as a family we try to be active too. By going for walks or exploring new outdoor places! While for some I know this may not be self-care but time spent together as a family outside and exploring new places refuels me and makes my heart so happy!

Evening walk as a family before Brooks’ bedtime.

I challenge you to figure out what refuels you and makes your heart happy then make time for it! Schedule it if that will help you make it a priority and follow through to make it happen!

Make it a priority, decide how often you want to take this time for you and how are you going to stick to it? Is there someone who can help make this happen for you? If so, ask for their help and tell them how often you plan to do this so they know how/when they can help you.

Some other ideas:

  • Be Creative DIY
  • Meditate
  • Yoga
  • Make a Favorite Food
  • Mani/Pedi
  • Listen to a Favorite Book/Podcast
  • Go Outside
  • Dance
  • Make a Favorite Playlist and Listen/Dance to it

We would LOVE for you to share with us what you already do or will do to take care of you Momma! Leave us a comment.

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