Shaking Things Up a Little

As we learn, we grow and change! We are making some changes to how we do things and wanted to share those changes with you so you know what to expect!

Etsy Things

We are going to be doing limited time runs of products. If a product is a great seller within the limited time run we will add it to the Etsy shop ongoing. We will continue sharing a new project/product twice a month on Wednesdays. We will reshare some previous products and some rave reviews on other Wednesdays.

We have removed a lot of listings because we had hundreds, we kept the best sellers! If you see something on our instagram, something you knew we use to have, or something that isn’t on our Etsy shop reach out to us! We will be happy to work with you!

We are going to limit stock of each of our items for the month and once they sell out they will be gone for the month and we will restock the following month.

Friday Favorites

We are going to do a version of the Friday Favorites that we use to do. We are going to share a reel on Fridays highlighting something we are loving for us as moms or that our kiddos are loving!

Support Group

We are also thinking about bringing back the support group we use to do but want to gauge interest first so keep a look out for a poll if you are interested in that coming back!

We are excited for the year to come and looking forward to what is in store! Thank you so much for taking your time to read our blog and for your support! We appreciate YOU!

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