Silhouette Projects

I love silhouettes. I once created silhouettes for an entire daycare! So, of course I needed one (or three) of my son! People have been creating silhouettes for hundreds of years. Before cameras, there were silhouette artists. They just used a pair of scissors and within minutes, they cut out a shape resembling the person! It took me more than a few minutes and a pair of scissors.

First, the hardest part: trying to get a baby to pose correctly!

Some people paint silhouettes, but I prefer to cut them out! First, I printed out Lucian’s profile. I cut around his head and traced it onto black cardstock. Then, I cut out the cardstock shape and just glued it onto the white paper! Now, it is ready to frame!! It really is so simple and a timeless way to capture your child at any age.

I put the silhouette in a frame we already at at home and added it to the mantle in the nursery. I love the way it turned out!

In other news, I bought a new gadget this week: a laser engraver. This was the perfect opportunity to try it out!

First, I engraved this tree slice ornament. I love the way it turned out. We have a fun tradition we started this year of having a small Christmas tree full of our ornaments from when we were growing up. We will add ornaments every year as Lucian grows up. I know we will enjoy sharing stories with him as we hang the ornaments every year. This will be a perfect addition to the collection.

After the ornament, I was excited and decided to put my new skills and gadget to the test. I LOVE how this piece turned out. I know we will cherish it for years to come. To purchase, visit our Etsy store.

And just because we like to keep it real and honest around here, I present to you my first attempt at the ornament:

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