Simple Frame-ready Art Idea

Lucian has really gotten into drawing people recently. I made this ornament using his self-portrait because I love his little people drawings. I also plan on doing one each year, so we can see how his people change and develop over time! This combined with my sister’s request for a “people drawing,” got me inspired. So, for Christmas, I wanted to do portraits as a gift for family members. These turned out AWESOME! And, everyone who received one, loved it and have it on display already. So, I wanted to share the process.

To make these, I had Lucian draw on watercolor paper using a sharpie. You read that right, I gave my 3 year old a permanent marker.. The washable markers bleed in the next step. We did these over a period of a few weeks, so he only did one a day. I wanted him to enjoy the process without being overwhelmed.

After drawing the people in sharpie, we used bleeding tissue paper squares by laying them on top of the drawings. We found it worked best to spray the paper before adding the tissue paper, and then used a paint brush to add a little more water. After that, we removed the tissue paper squares and let the art dry.

We got everyone a frame and cut the artwork to size. Again, we really love how these turned out! And everyone who received one really enjoyed it too. You could use this idea in lots of ways. The drawings do not have to be people! Please, tag us or send us a picture if you try this out!!

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