Snap Blocks

When I worked at the local children’s museum, I loved when we put out snap blocks for kids to use. Or should I say for kids AND adults to use! There is just something entertaining about adding the snap element to blocks. Since Lucian is practicing dressing and undressing right now, he is very interested in zippers, snaps and buttons. So, I thought why not add some snap blocks to his block collection.

I bought dowels and cut them down to 2 and 3 inch blocks using the chop saw. I actually found a scrap to use for the base. I just trimmed it and then rounded over the edges with the router. The hardest part for me was definitely all the pre-drilling and screwing. It is time consuming and not easiest for me, but totally worth it!

Lucian loves his new blocks. I love that each of them has a home on the base. I think he will be playing with these a lot!

While I was looking for snaps to use, I found these two blogs (StrongStart and I Can Teach My Child) where people have made their own snap blocks too. This is a fun project. Since it doesn’t use a CNC, it is a good project to DIY if you have the time, desire and access to a few tools! If you prefer to buy, here they are on our Etsy!

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